The Point Arc Serving Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati

Board Members


Josh Turner, Chairman of the Board
Josh joined the board in 2010 and is a Principal Estimator with Messer Construction Company in Cincinnati. "I attended some committee and board meetings before I attended my first Point event. I had no idea how many families and lives were being touched. As the next Point event I met some of our clients and families. Upon speaking to them, I found out that The Point was not just providing these services, but they were doing it very well and truly improving and changing lives. I was hooked and never looked back."

Donna Singer, Vice-Chair
Donna joined the board in February 2013. She has been at Wells Fargo for 16 years, and appreciates the support and numerous financial donations Wells Fargo gives to charity. She feels that as a board member, she's an advocate for a much needed organization that continuously changes the lives of the people we serve. Donna wanted to connect to her community, give back to her community and support an outstanding mission.

Brian Garner, Secretary
Brian has served on the board since July of 2015. Brian believes The Point provides quality services that are above and beyond anything else in the area. Brian works at Garner Insurance Agency in Florence.

Drew Baumer, Treasurer
Drew joined the board in 2014 and worked most of his career in Retail Logistics Management with Mercantile Stores and Rue LaLa. Drew has a son with disabilities, and sees the need for The Point's services.

Julie Neuroth-Wilgus, Legal Counsel
Julie is a past President of the board, and has served on the board since 2009. Julie brings her legal expertise as an attorney from Benjamin, Yocum and Heather, LLC.

Mike Mangeot
Mike joined the board in 2010, and brings his expertise from his construction career, Mike is retired from Century Construction, Inc. "I wanted to give back to the community in which I was raised, went to school, got a college education, started a business, and raised a healthy family. You cannot just take from a community. You must offer whatever you can, however little you feel it is, helping others who need a lift in order for them to have the opportunities you had."

Pennye Webster Howard
Pennye joined the board in 2014 and is a Property and Casualty Sales Executive/Risk Management Advisor for Wells Fargo Insurance. Pennye became aware of The Point through friends of the family, whose son lived in one of The Point Homes. She spent time with him at family weekends, where he always had a great time, but looked forward to going back to his Point Home.

Bryan Berger
Bryan joined the board in 2012. The Berger family has a long history with The Point, and Bryan grew up knowing The Point and their services. Bryan brings his legal expertise and advice to the Board from his law offices at The Berger Firm in Covington.

Michael J. Berling DMD
Dr. Berling has served on the board since 1998. He frequents The Point Activities.

Julie Jones
Julie joined the board early in 2016. Julie has known the Gerding family growing up, and was raised that The Point is the charity to support. Julie serves at the Executive Director of the Northern Kentucky Bar Association for 9 years and was previously employed as a licensed funeral director at Ronald B. Jones Funeral Home for 18 years.

Chuck McHale
Chuck has been on the board for over 16 years. McHale's Catering proudly employs two individuals from The Point employment program for over 10 years. Chuck became familiar with The Point when he had his wedding reception at the Point Pavilion in 1988, and became their exclusive caterer in 1995. Chuck is very generous in offering his catering services and space for multiple Point events and programs.

Charles Meyers
Charles has been a charter member of The Point since 1972. Charles is retired, and brings his knowledge and heart to The Point.

Andy VonLehman
Andy has served on The Point's board since 1996. Andy brings his finance expertise with his background at VonLehman CPA and Advisory Firm. Andy heads up our yearly Golf Classic.

Lynn Volski


Our Staff

Judi Gerding

Judi Gerding
President and Founder

Jean Dennig

Jean Dennig
Vice-President and CFO

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Elizabeth Suhre
Director of Human Resources and Finance

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Accounting Assistant

Jill Disken
Development Director

Linda Grome
Director of Events