The Point Arc Serving Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati

History of The Point

For Judi Gerding, President and Founder of The Point/Arc, it has been a personal journey to foster a better life for her son, Steve, and other individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (known as I/DD). At a young age, Steve was diagnosed with Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome. In 1972, three parent groups united to form an advocacy group to assist their loved ones diagnosed with intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD). Today, that group has evolved into a holistic agency with a wide range of around the clock programs. Our history of "filling in the gaps" by creating integrated programs gives individuals with I/DD the opportunity to become contributing and inclusive members of our community and provides the self-esteem and pride that we all seek.

In 1982, The Point/Arc opened its first social enterprise, The Point Restaurant, to provide vocational training to individuals with I/DD. In 1985, we added The Point Commercial Cleaning Company and Employment Program to provide job training, placement, and lifelong follow-up. The Point Commercial Laundry was established in 1996. In 2012, The Point/Arc opened the doors to The Point Apparel (formerly The Point Logo and Design Company). Our newest social enterprise, Point Perk coffee shop, opened in 2015 as a way for the community to come in for a "feel good" cup of coffee, and to see our mission in action.

The Point/Arc established its first group home in 1995. The Point currently owns and operates 13 well-maintained homes in beautiful neighborhoods that house nearly 60 residents. We pride ourselves in building Point families. The group homes are located in Campbell, Kenton and Boone Counties.

In 1999, to fill a social void in the lives of those The Point/Arc serves, we began The Point Activities Program. The Point/Arc hosts weekly social events, seasonal sports, monthly dances, and vacations. In 2004, to provide community awareness and education for individuals with I/DD, The Point Outreach and Educational programs were established.

Today, The Point/Arc has educational programs which include social communication, transition programs, and career development. In 2013, The Point/Arc added case management as a way to assist individuals and families with finding resources and services through person centered planning that will support them in achieving their dreams and aspirations.

The Point/Arc now serves more than 1,400 people annually through its programs and services. The Point/Arc is always looking for new ways to fill in the service gaps and to integrate individuals with I/DD in the community to reach their fullest potential.