The Point Arc Serving Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati

Hi, I'm Maggie

A few years ago we met Maggie as she went through our Team Building Class and Social Communication Program. Maggie is a vibrant young lady, with a lot of goals and aspirations. Maggie learned job skills and positive work behaviors to take into the community. She comments, “I loved coming to class at The Point, I really enjoyed working with a team and building my communication skills, while working with other people.” Maggie keeps in touch with her friends from the classes and even attends our Alumni Group. Earlier this year, the Alumni Group took a tour of the Sunshine Ranch in Northern Kentucky as a team bonding experience and to learn about animal behaviors.

Maggie was one of the first employees at Point Perk. Her interview skills were strong, and her excitement towards coffee made her a great match. Her favorite drinks at Point Perk are the lattes and mochas. Maggie has proven to be a very hard working employee who is eager to learn new job skills. She says she enjoys learning the cash register and customer relations. She even shared that she has future goals to attend college classes in Accounting to learn more. She is making strong connections with her co-workers and always comes to work with a smile ready to go.