The Point Arc Serving Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati

Hi, I'm Mark!

The people who know Mark today all share the same observation about Mark over the past few years, he's become more outgoing. Mark moved into The Point's Hamm Home about 3 years ago to be closer to his family that lives in Northern Kentucky. His mother, Julie, has seen Mark grow into a more independent and confident man. She was surprised to learn his love of cooking. Mark shares typical house responsibilities with his 2 other roommates. But, his love of cooking and food has grown. Mark has become more independent in shopping, and running errands in his town.

Mark was looking for more responsibility and a job opportunity. Mary, a residential liaison for The Point in his Hamm Home, referred him to Point Perk. Mark was very shy in his interview, but Mary encouraged Point Perk to take a chance on him. Mark is constantly saying, "Thank you, I love my job, I love the people and I like to be busy." Customers come in during Mark's shift to visit, and it has helped Mark with his confidence and with his social skills.

Mark's mom Julie expressed her gratitude, "Mary has been a godsend. I can tell she really cares about Mark."

Mark takes pride in keeping Point Perk clean, and is willing to work with the Barista to learn the ins and outs to the coffee shop. He's a hard worker and always has a smile. It is such a Joy to have Mark as a part of The Point community.