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Be A Hero from Home: The Zembrodt Education Center

The Zembrodt Education Center, an extension of The Point Arc, began with an intentional effort to bring individuals and families we support into our decision making process. Years before the building came to fruition, our goal was to help create a community of belonging. To us, one part of belonging meant making sure the people we supported had a voice, so we started asking questions:

• What’s going well for you?
• What’s a challenge?
• What would you like to see in the community?
• What do you need?

As we gathered feedback from individuals with disabilities, we saw themes emerging about the desire to connect with others, feelings of loneliness, and a longing to do things more independently. Many people shared that they wanted to get a job, attend college, make friends, express themselves creatively, and find a significant other. From parents and caregivers, we learned that they also experienced loneliness and sought connection with other parents. There was a desire to support children, teens, and adults in achieving their goals, and to create a more welcoming community in which people with and without disabilities could thrive together.

As plans for the center began to be created, we took the feedback we'd received and imagined a place that would allow us to offer more classes, workshops, and 1-1 support to help children, teens, adults, and families achieve their goals. In  order to foster a sense of connection with the community overall, the Zembrodt Education Center is also a place in which people with and without disabilities can connect and learn over art and wellness offerings. Ultimately, the Zembrodt Education Center is a space within the community in which all people are celebrated.

COVID-19 has resulted in the need to restructure how we provide classes, information, and support through the center and created reduced revenue. We're contacting families weekly, creating online content, and hosting virtual gatherings. We are committed as ever to our community and know we will get through this time together. Be A Hero From Home is our new monthly giving program that allows you to donate from a distance while staying close to your community. If you'd like to help, please join us in being a HERO FROM HOME.


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