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BLOG: Pre-Voc Students Build Business from the Ground Up

The Point's Pre-Vocational Skills Training Program is a high school transition program which uses innovative and interactive instruction to build the skills necessary to succeed in life and work. Through team-based and job simulation activities students gain the following skills essential for long-term success and job retention.


One of those activities includes building a business from the ground up. Robyn Dischar, The Point's Transition Coordinator and Instructor, shares more about the Snack Shop and how it's helping our students gain real life work experience:

"The Snack Shop is a year-long project that the Pre-Vocational class works on to develop so many important skills for the workplace and life in general. Using their individual skills and strengths, the students operate in three different teams to provide snacks at wholesale prices to the employees in The Point’s main office. They have been working since August to develop their small business from the ground up. They are involved in every aspect of the Snack Shop when it comes to decision making, including everything from product purchasing to marketing. They recently have been working on designing a new logo for the shop and have been generating ideas to improve and grow the business. The Snack Shop helps them to develop organizational, teamwork, problem-solving, and customer service skills through face-to-face interactions. They gain confidence, independence, and a sense of their own strengths and challenges through this project. My hope is that by addressing some key employability standards through the Snack Shop operation, students will enter the “real world” feeling more equipped for the life they want as young adults."


For more information on the Pre-Vocational Skills Training, or other educational programs offered by The Point, contact Robyn Dischar at 859-491-9191 or .