Case Management


The Point Arc Case Management strives to assist individuals and families with finding resources and services through person centered planning that will support you in achieving your dreams and aspirations. We are currently accepting referrals.

The funding used to attain a case manager does not cover what our team calls “real life.” A small accessible amount of money will be set aside to meet the general needs of case management clients. Often it is our case managers who reach into their personal pockets to provide items like a white shirt for a job interview, a life jacket for a lake trip, or even a hot meal on Thanksgiving. This fund will not only help the clients, but it will also allow our Case Managers to continue to provide support above and beyond.

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What We Do:

  • Advocate for you
  • Learn what is important to you
  • Create a plan to help you live a life you’ve always wanted
  • Help find resources to assist you
  • Continually ensure you are satisfied with your life and services you are receiving
  • Assist in finding a job in the community
  • Help to develop and maintain relationships
  • Maintain health and safety
  • Give support to help you live in the home you choose

Funding for Case Management
The Point provides Case Management services to those funded through, but not limited to, the Supports for Community Living Waiver (SCL) or the Michelle P. Waiver (MPW).