The Point Arc Serving Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati

The Point Commercial Laundry

216 Lindsey Street
Dayton, KY 41074
859-491-WASH (9274)


History of Point Commercial Laundry

The Point Commercial Laundry is a non-profit company owned and operated by The Point. It was established in July of 1996 to train and employ people with intellectual/developmental disabilities and to subsidize other Point program budgetary deficits with its profits.

Our first 3,500 sq. ft. laundry opened in July of 1996 with an exclusive 2 year contract with the Omni/Netherland. It was located in Covington, Kentucky and was housed in two different buildings, a detached garage and folding area, scale and break room were in the back half of our administrative building at Washington and Pike Streets. The startup cost was $640,000. We sought grants, foundations, cash gifts and donations from contractors for construction and equipment. The response was overwhelming. All but $225,000 of the total cost was donated. By July of 2001 the loan was paid off.

At capacity in 2005, we relocated to 10,000 sq. ft. at 216 Lindsey Street in Dayton, Kentucky. The cost of this expansion (including purchasing of the former Dave & Deb's skating rink, new equipment, renovation, trucks, etc.) was $1.6 million. We doubled our training opportunities, our employees and our profit.

Our Point Laundry was designed to be a labor-intensive operation, to align with The Point's vocational mission, creating jobs while providing a service. To remain competitive, our 2012, 7,000 sq. ft. expansion named The Griffin Family Wing, in honor of a major gift positions us to extend our capacity from processing 400,000 lbs. of linen to 600,000 lbs/year. In addition to our reputation for quality of services to the best hotels in Greater Cincinnati and Indiana, we again will double our training opportunities, our employees and our profits.


  • To employ 1/3 of our laundry workforce with people who have an intellectual developmental disability.
  • To provide quality commercial laundry services to our customers.
  • To expand our base of customers to support agency programs and services for our client population.


  • Vocational training in a safe, supportive, and typical employment setting.
  • Daily pickup and delivery of hospitality linens to customer specifications.
  • Emergency laundry services to area hotels as needed.