The Point Commercial Laundry

How We Work

Established in 1996,  The Point Laundry is a known leader in Customer Owned Goods (COG) within the tri-state area and is currently processing over 2.2 million pounds of hospitality linens per year.

Realizing that the needs of our customers might greatly differ, we take the time the listen and propose a linen program that not only meets their needs but will exceed their expectations.

The Point Commercial Laundry offers an inclusive work environment and provides long-term job-training skills, social interactions, problem-solving skills, and everyday business skills to individuals with intellectual and developmental differences.

Tailored Services Might Include:

  • Flexibility to purchase and maintain your inventory 
  • Daily pick-up and delivery  
  • Processed linens separated by size prior to delivery for easy inventory stocking
  • Easy-to-read invoices 
  • No hidden fees or unexpected fuel surcharges

The Point Commercial Laundry
216 Lindsey Street
Dayton, KY 41074
859-491-WASH (9274)

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